We may source some specialist services from our list of proven consultants and international partners whilst remaining responsible for project delivery and quality assurance and maintaining a single point of contact.

There is a growing demand from clients in all industries for risk minimisation advice prior to entering into contractual obligations. All parties seek to transfer risk and Queenscorp offers practical advice to minimise business risk and identify and arrange insurance protection where appropriate.

Queenscorp uses the most advanced integrated IT systems which are linked to provide a seamless capability. Our systems offer unique client access and transactional capabilities generating improved speed and efficiency.

Correspondent firms provide our clients with access to global insurance markets and risk solutions. Queenscorp has the capability and expertise to provide insurance and risk management services for any client, from the largest mining risk to small but complex clinical trials exposures.

We deliver the following key services:-

  1. Review all client business activities to ensure the insurance program will respond as intended now and in the future. This is a constant review process, not just at the start of our relationship.
  2. Contractual reviews of existing and new contracts in order to minimise the level of risk assumption. Business risks are highlighted to ensure management are aware of their impact and wherever possible, residual risk is transferred cost effectively to insurers.
  3. Advice on appropriate insurance covers required to form part of a competent program. This includes educating our clients on the scope of coverage and reporting requirements.
  4. Review of all material, information and declared values for program renewal. This will avoid overstated premiums or restricted cover at the time of a claim.
  5. Market widely to achieve the desired level of cover and cost. We do not restrict ourselves to selected insurers or placement facilities but seek the most competitive offers, each and every time. 
  6. Manage all claims to satisfactory settlement within the shortest timeframe. An essential task is to identify and collate all the required information, agree a settlement strategy and negotiate with insurers and loss adjusters.
  7. Provide detailed but easy to follow documentation on each insurance program. This is supplemented by a client access capability into their own files within our web based system if required.
  8. Recommend risk and compliance programs. Queenscorp will identify the appropriate type and delivery process for every level of risk reporting. This ranges from Property Loss Control reports to Enterprise Risk programs for the board of directors.
  9. Day to day service on all insurance and risk management matters impacting our clients' business activities subject to pre agreed Key Performance Indicator’s.

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